What is a GreenSilo?

We specialize in building browser-based applications and we are committed to open source software thereby keeping the price of our applications competitive.

Once one of our browser based applications are made available on your business LAN, access to it is as easy as starting your Internet browser and connecting via a URL or IP. Our applications are designed to run locally on server or desktop as well as on an internet hosting site.

Green Silo can modify its applications to fit your unique need.

IE Browser

Green Silo Software products combine the power of the Internet and your desktop browser to give you the ultimate flexibility for easy access applications. The application can reside on your desktop, a server in your office or on a web space in the Internet world.

Regardless where it resides, you and other users can have complete and secure access from any where in the world. Add, no extra software is required to be loaded on a PC or desktop. The only requirement is Internet access and a network browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape. etc.

Fire Fox Browser