What is a GreenSilo?

Web Programming

Green Silo builds Web Sites into tools that can benefit your business.

Most people do not realize or they do not think about this but the web site that you are using has computational power to do work for you and your business. The computer that you site is on also has connectivity to anywhere in the world. Green Silo understands how web space and sites can become interactive with other entities.

Web Programming refers to the back end of your web-site. Backend services such as database connectivity, dataflow from site to site, mail flow, page monitoring, etc. is available through a set of rich interfacing tools. Green Silo can make the back end of your site work for you.

Come to us with your Web processing ideas and we will assist you in making them come to life.

Security logins in allows only privilege users to access the information.


Having access to a networking database can be a power tool of information for your business. Information that you need anywhere in the world can be at your fingertips.

Security of course is factored into all data put into webspace.